What this blog is about


A blog that reflects my ruminations-that is, the scientific or (more or less) metaphysical speculations on science, spirituality, consciousness, mind, evolution, philosophy, yoga, reality, life and Nature. Reflections on the state of humanity from a psychological, spiritual and yet scientific perspective. From new forms of education to the environmental threats, from the ‘involutionary’ forms of isolationism to the ideal of human unity, from quantum physics to the philosophy of mind. A series of essays which overview the limits of science and reason, the mystery of consciousness, man’s search for meaning and purpose, new educational paradigms, the future of science and the future spiritual evolution of mankind. An invitation to look beyond the straitjacket of reason and materialism. An adventure of consciousness that will be guided by an inner spiritual evolutionary force that unites spirit, Nature and matter. The search for a synthesis of knowledge between science and spirituality, matter and mind, West and East in a grand-vision that transcends the intellect and materialism uncovering the meaning, purpose and aim of a universe that, otherwise, would appear meaningless, purposeless and aimless.