About Me

Marco Masi

Marco Masi (born 1965) attended the German School of Milan, Italy. He graduated in physics at the University of Padua, and later obtained a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Trento. He worked as a postdoc in universities in Italy, France, and Germany, and as a school teacher for three years. After he had authored some scientific papers (http://ow.ly/snz6u) his interests veered towards new forms of individual learning and a new concept of free progress education originated from his activity both as a tutor in several universities and as a high school teacher, but especially from his direct, lived experience of what education should not be. This led him to author a book on ”Free progress Education”. He also wrote two-volume series on quantum physics entitled “Quantum Physics: An Overview of a Weird World”, and which tries to close a gap between the too high-level university textbooks and a too low-level popular science approach. His interests in metaphysical and philosophical ruminations led him to the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Not only gave him this a spiritual path to follow, but also answered many answers he was looking for in science.
He loves walking in the woods, loves animals (and would never kill a cat to carry out Schrödinger's experiment).