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My second conversation with Suma Gowda (more or less on everything)

Conversation with Tattva Deep on Science and Spirituality

I had an interesting conversation with Tattva Deep

The Mind of Cells

A talk I had with Radhe Pfau and Vladimir Yatsenko of the La Grace Center Link to the Original video: https://vimeo.com/602665767

Website of the La Grace Center: https://lagracecenter.com/

A discussion on quantum physics and other topics with Suma Gowda

Maya Shakti on Integral Education

Maya Shakti lives in Auroville, India, and works on a new educational paradigm. Integral education is not based on content teaching rather fosters the growth of the child from within. It is not about exams or certificates, but about a learning community where one learns to know oneself, listen to the inner voice, get in touch with one's inner truth that helps the child to learn how to learn. A different concept of 'progress' than we are accustomed to thinking of in conventional school systems. Listen to Maya's account from her first-person experience how that is not just a noble ideal but something that has been put into practice in Auroville.

Check out also "The Learning Community" website and Facebook page:



Introduction to Free Progress Education

An introduction to the FPE paradigm in a conversation with Douglas Duff in preparation for the Cosmos Café session recorded on April 26th, 2019.

See also: https://www.infiniteconversations.com/​

Cosmos Cafe talk on FPE

Discussion on the FPE paradigm at the Cosmos Café session recorded on April 30th 2019 See also further discussion on the Infinite Conversations forum here: https://www.infiniteconversations.com/t/cosmos-cafe-4-30-free-progress-education/3215