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I had an interesting conversation with the Galileo Commission on "An Evidence-Based Critical Review of the Mind-Brain Identity Theory."

My thoughts on why AI doesn't understand a thing with the La Grace Center. Machines will never have a "semantic awareness". The future might tell I'm wrong. Here I leave my message that, perhaps, in 10, 20, 30, .... years might be confirmed or falsified.

How could consciousness studies and the philosophy of mind be inspired by the metaphysics of the Indian philosopher and mystic Sri Aurobindo? Here is the brief introduction I gave at the Jean Gebser Society conference to my paper "The Integral Cosmology of Sri Aurobindo: An Introduction for Consciousness Studies"

A many-sided conversation with Gary Haskins on science, AI, onsciousness, spirituality, and evolution, blending the spiritual and scientific worldviews into an integral understanding.

My second conversation with Suma Gowda (more or less on everything)

Conversation with Tattva Deep on Science and Spirituality

A discussion on quantum physics and other topics with Suma Gowda

Maya Shakti on Integral Education

Maya Shakti lives in Auroville, India, and works on a new educational paradigm. Integral education is not based on content teaching rather fosters the growth of the child from within. It is not about exams or certificates, but about a learning community where one learns to know oneself, listen to the inner voice, get in touch with one's inner truth that helps the child to learn how to learn. A different concept of 'progress' than we are accustomed to thinking of in conventional school systems. Listen to Maya's account from her first-person experience how that is not just a noble ideal but something that has been put into practice in Auroville.

Check out also "The Learning Community" website and Facebook page:



Introduction to Free Progress Education

An introduction to the FPE paradigm in a conversation with Douglas Duff in preparation for the Cosmos Café session recorded on April 26th, 2019.

See also: https://www.infiniteconversations.com/​

Cosmos Cafe talk on FPE

Discussion on the FPE paradigm at the Cosmos Café session recorded on April 30th 2019 See also further discussion on the Infinite Conversations forum here: https://www.infiniteconversations.com/t/cosmos-cafe-4-30-free-progress-education/3215