The downfall of the philosophy of mind

A very interesting debate between the philosopher of mind David Papineau and neurosurgeon Michael Egnor. I would love to see more of these exchanges instead of philosophers and scientists retiring in their ideological niche.

But, considering that Papineau is one of the most renewed philosophers of mind, what this video really reveals is not so much new information, rather how deep the professional philosophy of mind must have fallen. He comes up with such weak arguments and shows surprise when confronted with hard facts he seems not to know. This speaks volumes about the desperate state of denial in which modern materialism has got itself. Modern physicalism is based on no real evidence and works only on a priori assumptions that appeal to consensus causation-correlation fallacies and in order to save the ideological paradigm it selectively ignores scientific findings that could be embarrassing. Egnor shows that, if you don’t fall into pseudo-science and have a serious scientific background that speaks on the basis of empiric evidence it is easy to demolish the materialist’s standpoint (even though he made also a few mistakes: if quantum physics is a hidden variable theory is still a matter of debate.)

This is the future of consciousness studies I see. No paranormal is necessary, no quantum woo, no religious phantasies. Just arguing on the base of accepted knowledge, that is, with peer-reviewed articles published in the mainstream scientific journal and, that alone, is amply sufficient to expose the contemporary material monist kindergarten philosophy of mind.

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