Is slime conscious?!?

A not so elegant but quite remarkable example one could present about cellular intelligence is the abilities of the ‘Physarum polycephalum’, a large amoeba-like slime mold ‘plasmodium’–that is, a fungal cytoplasm containing several nuclei but enclosed in a single membrane–that can be considered as a single giant cell. It is a slimy creature reminiscent of the ‘The…

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What is consciousness?

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By Dr. Gerald Woerlee  My article review… 🙂 One of the best-argued articles I recently read on the topic of consciousness, even though I don’t agree on several points. But at least Woerlee does not fall into the usual misconceptions. First of all, it is to welcome that we are finally questioning the conceptual conflation of mind…

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What this blog is about?

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A blog that reflects my ruminations-that is, the scientific or (more or less) metaphysical speculations on science, spirituality, consciousness, mind, evolution, philosophy, yoga, reality, life and Nature. Reflections on the state of humanity from a psychological, spiritual and yet scientific perspective. From new forms of education to the environmental threats, from the ‘involutionary’ forms of…

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The binding problem and the emergence of meaning

[Excerpt from Vol. I of “Spirit calls Nature”] Let us ponder an interesting feature of our conscious life: Binding. Binding remains a deep, unexplained mystery that surrounds our conscious perception and that could not find, at least not until our present day, a definite resolution. What philosophers of mind call the ‘binding problem’ relates to the fact…

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