“Spirit calls Nature” published!

The book “Spirit calls Nature” is ready and online! This was the most intellectually challenging work and research of my life, but it was definitely worth the effort. Modesty aside (I know that it sounds a bit arrogant but allow me that…), considering how pseudo-sciences and quantum woo-woo on the one hand and a pervasive…

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Thinking and feeling beyond complexity

maze, mind, head-4335226.jpg

A fascinating talk of Daniel Schmachtenberger on complex systems and how this relates to our society and future. He certainly has a deep understanding of complex dynamical systems and most of what he says makes very much sense. I like how Schmachtenberger puts it: “We have to figure out the win-win game where anyone’s incentive…

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Is slime conscious?!?

A not so elegant but quite remarkable example one could present about cellular intelligence is the abilities of the ‘Physarum polycephalum’, a large amoeba-like slime mold ‘plasmodium’–that is, a fungal cytoplasm containing several nuclei but enclosed in a single membrane–that can be considered as a single giant cell. It is a slimy creature reminiscent of the ‘The…

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